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What Does the Acronym MOQ Stand for?

What does the acronym MOQ stand for? Why are MOQs for customized products undesirable? Let's find out more.

Letterman Jacket History: Outstanding Patches from the Past

Although these patches originate from the past, chenille patches on a letterman jacket are still standing out! Get a…

The Simple Method for Ordering Custom Patches

Ordering custom patches is now simpler than ever thanks to our streamlining of the procedure. We can also assist…

How to Make Your Own Custom Morale Patch!

Teams and organizations must have morale patches. MakeMyPatch can help you create your very own unique personalized custom morale…

Authentic Vintage and Varsity Chenille Patches

High school, football games, and varsity chenille patches are as classic as it gets. We tell you how to…

How to Make Stunning Chenille Patches

How to Make Stunning Chenille Patches? Chenille patches are complex, please leave this to experts. Order custom chenille patches…

How to Design and Make Perfect Custom Patches

Before ordering delightful custom patches, find out how to design them and what information you need to have.

Stunning Patches Designed for National Dog Week

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are "man's best friend" for a reason. Honor your dogs with custom patches for…
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