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What does the acronym MOQ stand for? Why are MOQs for customized products undesirable? Let’s find out more.

So let’s start by dealing with the issue that is most pressing. MOQ, or minimum order quantity, is an acronym. You must purchase at least that many items in order to create a batch of personalized merchandise. A MOQ might, for instance, be 10 custom embroidered patches or 50 custom PVC patches.

When working with numerous custom merchandise suppliers, you are required to order a minimum number of goods in order to place an order (in other words, unless you meet their MOQ). That’s a bad thing, as you can surely infer.

MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity - MakeMyPatch

Why It’s Vital to Pick a Company Without a MOQ

it’s crucial to work with a firm that has no minimum order quantity because you want to be able to pay for exactly what you need. You don’t want to be required to pay for more funds that you won’t use. This is especially important if you’re a tiny business or are acquiring personalized merchandise for a modest club, group, event, or family get-together. For instance, if your tennis club only has five or ten members, you want to ensure that you can get the precise quantity of custom merch products you require, without spending money on extras that you don’t need.

Even if you are an established or larger retailer, finding a company with no MOQ can be crucial. That might be the case if you’re experimenting with a new piece of merchandise or design.

Perhaps you sell a ton of customized stickers and patches and are quite successful in that market, but you’d like to try offering personalized pins. Therefore, you may safely order just a dozen custom pins, perhaps, and observe how quickly and well they sell, as opposed to having to buy 100 or 1000 of them to meet a MOQ. If they are well received, you can place a larger order in the future. If not, you won’t be out of pocket for hundreds or thousands of poorly received bespoke pins.

Overall, not having a minimum order quantity (MOQ) makes it simple to experiment with new designs, styles, and merchandise types without making a significant financial commitment to something that might not be successful.

How Can I Locate a Custom Patch Manufacturer Without a MOQ?

Sincerely, it’s challenging to find a custom product firm without a MOQ. Many businesses just lack the infrastructure or funding necessary to devote the necessary time and energy to creating a single unique item.

You are, fortunately, already in the appropriate location! MakeMyPatch does not have a minimum order quantity for custom embroidered patches and custom chenille patches. We’re one of the few custom merch companies out there that doesn’t have a minimum or maximum quantity requirement for these types. Go crazy!

Whether you’re designing personalized hats or unique varsity jackets, MakeMyPatch allows you to place as few or as many orders as you need. You have the option of placing orders for one item or a lot more!

Use our free and no-obligation quote form to get started, or chat with one of our Creative Specialists.

Create Custom Embroidered or Chenille Patches with No Minimum Order Quantity Today

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