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The ideal patch for vintage athletic clothing is chenille. Learn more about this distinctive antique patch design and discover how to create your own!

MakeMyPatch offers four different bespoke patch designs. Even while our embroidered patches are by far the most popular, chenille patches are indispensible for a classic, vintage look. But before we get started and discover more about chenille patches, some of you may be wondering… What exactly are chenille patches?

Chenille patches, on the other hand, are those fluffy patches that you frequently see on letterman coats in 80s movies. Even though letterman jackets went extinct in the 2000s, they have made a huge comeback in tandem with the 80s renaissance thanks to the astronomical success of series like Stranger Things. They instantly conjure an image of the traditional high school varsity sports team. Ordering chenille patches has never been easier.

Vintage and Varsity Chenille Patches - MakeMyPatch

Chenille Patches: How Are They Made?

The process of creating chenille patches can be simply described as twisting two pieces of yarn together to create a “vaulted yarn weave” on a specialist weaving machine. This provides the finished item the distinctive chenille patch’s fuzzy, cuddly, popped-out appearance. (Perhaps this explains why the name “chenille,” which is French for “caterpillar,” is given to these distinctive spots.)

Chenille patches are ideal for individuals who wish to design a timeless and traditional appearance, particularly one that recalls the glory years of school athletic teams from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Back-to-school time is a great time to get custom chenille varsity patches. The chenille effect can be used to make school mascot patches or alphabet chenille patches. Chenille patches are wonderful for more than just letterman jackets and athletic gear; they’re also the perfect patch for clothing companies wishing to adopt a classic, all-American style. With vibrant color and captivating texture, they stand out even in very straightforward designs!

Chenille Patches’ Limitations

Chenille patches are fantastic since they go nicely with many odd forms and expansive designs. Having said that, our Creative Specialists and designers will inform you of any restrictions they find with your design and suggest changes that will enable it to function as a chenille patch.

One of the main advantages of selecting MakeMyPatch over other custom patch producers is that.

Due to their years of experience, our team of in-house designers will be able to see any issues with your design that might not be apparent until your patches are produced. If you don’t have a design in mind, our designers can even create one from scratch just for you (and expressly for usage as a chenille patch)!

What Do You Need?

Are you ready to order your own varsity chenille patch? MakeMyPatch can assist you! To begin designing your patches, get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists or utilize simple online form.

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