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Perhaps the most traditional and sentimental patch style we have is chenille. See how to create your own unique chenille patches below!

We’ll need to address the pressing query before we can move forward with this. What are chenille patches?

Compared to many of our other custom patch types, such embroidered, woven, and printed patches, this type is less frequent. You have undoubtedly seen chenille patches before, even if you don’t immediately associate the name with the picture.

The very definition of nostalgia is chenille patches. On letterman coats, they can be identified as the puffy, vibrant patches. Your clothing and merchandise will have a timeless, all-American feel thanks to these vintage-style patches. In essence, chenille patches produce elevated, 3D motifs with a fluffy texture using a vaulted yarn weave. Chenille patches are ideal for everyone, but they are especially well-liked by sports teams as well as clothing and fashion companies.

How to Make Stunning Chenille Patches - MakeMyPatch

How to Make Chenille Patches?

There is no avoiding it… You’ll need to engage a professional for this. Don’t just Google “how to make personalized chenille patches” and attempt to manufacture some right away. We assure you that you do not wish to make your own chenille patches. All unique patches are challenging to create, but without the right tools, chenille is a particularly challenging fabric to work with. If you attempt to DIY, there is a strong risk that your patches may turn out horribly (or not at all).

Fortunately, you can still use MakeMyPatch to create your own unique chenille patches without having to put in the time-consuming labor. We create the patch based on your design! The best of both worlds are present.

If you’re interested, here’s how we create unique chenille patches: We weave the chenille patches out of yarn using a machine designed exclusively for that purpose. The short yarn pieces are inserted between the two larger yarn pieces, and the entire piece is then twisted together by a machine to give it a soft, fuzzy appearance.

Now You Know How Chenille Patches are Made… Why Not Make Your Own?

Let’s get some unique chenille patches created just for you! You come up with the layout. You can change the backing, borders, edges, and even the embroidered details in addition to the pattern itself. To get started on your own, get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists or use our simple price quote form.

When you collaborate with MakeMyPatch to design unique chenille patches, you receive these benefits in addition to actual personalized chenille patches:

  • Free delivery
  • Pricing that is competitive (constant sales promotions)
  • Special possibilities to add flair to your Chenille patches
  • An internal design team to assist in creating a pattern ideal for every chenille patch
  • Knowledge-based group
  • Speedy turnaround

Even if you are unsure of how you want your patch to look or even whether you want to make a chenille patch at all, you can contact our specialists. Allow your creativity to soar! Maybe you’ll decide to create a custom patch in a different design, or maybe chenille will work just for you. In either case, we eagerly await the creation of your personalized chenille patches!

Design Your Custom Chenille Patches Today

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