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A morale patch is a fantastic method to raise the energy level in your group, team, or company. See how to create your own here!

Everyone is aware of how crucial morale is to the success of any team, department, unit, or business. Did you realize, though, that something as straightforward as a patch may quickly raise morale? At MakeMyPatch, we frequently create custom patches since they are one of the best methods to boost team morale.

Military units tend to use morale patches the most, but we have also seen paintball/airsoft teams, organizations, and corporations employ them. A well-made bespoke morale patch can help any group that wishes to raise employee morale, promote teamwork, and encourage togetherness.

How to Make Your Own Custom Morale Patch - MakeMyPatch

How Can I Make a Morale Patch?

You must first have a plan for the material that your personalized morale patch will be constructed of. You don’t even need a sketch to get started if you work with MakeMyPatch to have your own morale patch made. With just your ideas and thoughts, one of our amazing artists can develop a unique morale patch for you:) The only thing you need is imagination!

Regardless, it’s time to start considering how many personalized morale patches you’ll need once you have your design in mind (or ready). MakeMyPatch does not have a minimum order quantity, therefore you are free to order as few or as many patches as you require.

Now for the enjoyable part! What type you desire is entirely up to you. You can choose from a range of patch options:

NOTE: PVC and embroidered patches are the most typical types of military morale patches.

The size of the patch must then be chosen. The size of a patch is fully up to you and depends on the kind of group, team, club, or company you’re designing the morale patches for. The standard patch size is between 3 and 5 inches.

Choose a patch backing at this point. When you work with MakeMyPatch, you have access to a variety of patch packaging choices. These consist of:

  • Iron on backing 
  • No backing 
  • Iron-on backing extending to border 
  • Velcro hook backing (adhesive) 
  • Adhesive backing 
  • Thin plastic backing 
  • Velcro hook backing (edge stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing (merrowed border) 
  • Velcro hook backing (satin stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (edge stitch) 
  • Pin backing with iron-on backing 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (satin stitch) 
  • Velcro loop backing (adhesive) 
  • Velcro loop backing (edge stitch) 
  • Velcro Hook Backing with Loop Application (merrowed border)
  • Full magnetic backing 
  • Wearable magnet with iron-on backing 

NOTE: The most preferred backings among military personnel are iron-on and Velcro.

Remember that there are other options available based on the type of patch you select that weren’t even covered above! The alternatives are endless when you consider all the different pairings you may make with MakeMyPatch.

Let’s Get Started?

You only need to get in touch with MakeMyPatch to order your personalized morale patch right now. You can collaborate with one of our internal designers—we like to call them “Creative Specialists“—to quickly create a design based on whatever you have in mind, like we said before.

Or, if you already have a design in mind, you can start creating your patch by yourself using our free quote form!

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