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Although embroidered patches in general are timeless, huge embroidered patches have special advantages. This is why.

At MakeMyPatch, we work with clients to design and make four various types of bespoke patches, but embroidered patches are by far the most popular! This recognizable patch style produces a thick, resilient patch that feels and looks high quality since it is made with fabric backing and textured stitching. These patches are a terrific option for just about any club, organization, or business, from military units to motorcycle clubs, Scout troops, fashion labels, law enforcement, and fire departments. They can support designs for nine colors or more.

But not every embroidered patch is little! There are several benefits to choosing a larger patch over a smaller one, and large embroidered patches (between 7 and 12 inches wide) are another excellent option. Let’s start now!

The Benefits of a Large Embroidered Patch - MakeMyPatch

Why Opt for a Large Embroidered Patch Instead of a Small One?

There are a number of factors that might make you prefer a large embroidered patch to a little one. Below, we’ll go over a handful of the more typical ones.

When you are a member of a motorcycle club

On the back of their jackets and vests, almost all motorcycle clubs wear sizable back patches that often include their name, location, and club logo. Large enough to cover practically the whole back of the jacket or vest, these patches are required. CLICK HERE to see some motorcycle club patches options.

If your design contains numerous intricate details

Unfortunately, if you have a lot of fine, varied features in your design, they could get lost in a smaller patch. Larger patches make it possible to easily see all the details. Make your patch as large as feasible if your design is really intricate.

You have a vibrant and colorful style

A larger patch offers those colors the room to shine if your design has more than five different hues. The more colors your design uses, the larger patches we always advise.

You represent a clothing or fashion brand

Almost any size patch may be produced by fashion firms, but when a large embroidered patch is worn with a fashionable jacket, the entire item becomes a standout piece. The retail value of a garment can be significantly increased by adding large patches to the back.

You desire boldness

This is a compelling argument in and of itself. A sizable embroidered patch is the epitome of bold and fierce!

Some designs simply benefit from larger patches!

Sometimes our in-house designers just realize that your patch design would display better if it is larger, regardless of how colorful or intricate your design is. Since our designers have created thousands of patches, they are experts in this area, and while you are free to make the ultimate decision, we advise accepting their advice.

On a small patch, the text is illegible

A smaller patch size will frequently make the text difficult to read if your patch has a lot of text. It will be simpler for everyone to read the text on your patch if you make it larger.

Are You Persuaded to Order a Large Embroidered Patch?

Ideally, yes! There are numerous features you may change in addition to the patch size, and the process is simple. Simply fill out our online form to submit your design if you already have one in mind and to begin creating your patch!

You can always get in touch with one of our in-house designers for some assistance if you need some clarification or have some issues regarding your design. If necessary, they will even create a patch based on your suggestions! No matter the size of the patch, shipping is always FREE for you. Why not aim high then?

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