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Without the ideal patch backing, you cannot have a perfect patch! Here’s how to guarantee that you will.

Yes, design is crucial if you want to create a distinctive custom patch. However, a patch’s backing is also a crucial component! If you’re not sure what we mean when we say “backing,” it is that part of your patch that clings to a garment or other piece of fabric.

What Is the Perfect Patch Backing for You - MakeMyPatch

Which Custom Patch Backing Options Are Available?

You can select from a range of backings for your customized patches, but the best backing for your patch will mostly depend on how you plan to use it. (Don’t worry, we’ll get into greater detail later.)

The various patch backing choices available at MakeMyPatch are listed below:

  • Iron-on backing 
  • No backing 
  • Iron-on backing extending to border 
  • Velcro hook backing (adhesive) 
  • Adhesive backing 
  • Thin plastic backing 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (adhesive) 
  • Velcro hook backing (edge stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing (merrowed border) 
  • Velcro hook backing (satin stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (edge stitch) 
  • Pin backing with iron on backing 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (satin stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing (edge stitch)
  • Velcro loop backing (edge stitch)
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (merrowed border) 
  • Full magnetic backing 
  • Wearable magnet with iron-on backing  

So, Which Is the “Perfect” Patch Backing for Me?

As opposed to the blog’s title, there isn’t a “perfect patch backing” because their perfection depends on the cloth you’re using to attach your patch to. Let’s discuss which backings are ideal for which materials.

Iron-On Backing

For clothing that can safely be ironed on, iron-on backing is the best option. For example, if you are ironing on a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, or a canvas backpack, iron-on backings are ideal for casual wear.

Sew-On Backing

For individuals who want to use their patch on a leather jacket or vest, sew-on backing is ideal. A sew-on backing is a necessity because you can’t iron a patch into leather. Since sew-on backing is far more robust than iron-on backing and will keep up better over time, it is also suitable for sports uniforms or athletic/outdoor equipment.

Velcro Backing

The military, firefighters, police, airsoft clubs, and paintball teams all make excellent use of velcro backing. The reason the aforementioned groups utilize Velcro backing so regularly is that they frequently change their patches, and the Velcro backing makes it possible to do so without damaging your outfit.

Whatever You Decide, We Can Help!

Whichever custom backings you decide to use for your patches is irrelevant. They can be made for you by MakeMyPatch!

Get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists. Keep in mind that the backing of even the greatest bespoke patches makes a difference! Don’t just think about the design; consider the backing of the personalized patch as well. Happy matchmaking, and please don’t be shy if you have any questions.

Create the Ultimate Custom Patch (and Backing!) at MakeMyPatch

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