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The quickest patch application time is provided with custom press-on patches! Learn more about this practical patch backing now.

The phrase “press-on patch” probably came up while you were looking up how to build custom patches. What does that signify, though?

Well, you’re where you need to be. Press-on patches will be covered in this article. MakeMyPatch will then demonstrate how to create your own bespoke press-on patches!

How Do Press On Patches Work - MakeMyPatch

What Are Press-On Patches? 

To begin with, it should be understood that a press-on patch isn’t actually a type of patch. Embroidered, woven, PVC and chenille are the four various patch styles that MakeMyPatch offers. (Our Custom Patches page has further information on each of our custom patch designs.) Press-on refers to the backing of the patch rather than the kind of patch itself.

At The/Studio, you have a variety of patch backing options in addition to selecting the patch material and creating a unique patch design. You’ll attach your patch to the jacket, jeans, bag, or other piece of merchandise of your choice using the backing.

Because they use adhesive backing rather than, say, sew-on backing or iron-on backing, press-on patches are also known as adhesive patches. Adhesive patches essentially transform your patch into a sticker. The glue is incredibly resilient and powerful enough to attach to any surface. The best part is that you may use it right away! Just like a sticker, just peel and stick.

Why Use a Press-On (Adhesive) Backing?

There are numerous situations in which an adhesive backing may be employed. Because they don’t stay as long as sew-on (the most permanent backing) or iron-on backing, adhesive backings are appropriate for more transient usage.

If you plan to use your patches on a hard surface, such as a water thermos, laptop, or phone, we also advise an adhesive backing. If you only plan to wear the patches temporarily, you can also use them on garments. Even though our bespoke press-on patches often don’t last as long as other patch backings, that doesn’t mean they won’t stay in place for a very long time.

In conclusion, adhesive backing is more effective due of its:

  • Peel & Stick is an easy, quick application.
  • Having the ability to stick to electronics and hard surfaces like a water bottle, helmet, or laptop where other patch backings would fail.
  • Quickly removed after brief intervals.

NOTE: When choosing MakeMyPatch, you get to choose from several backings, including iron-on, velcro hook, adhesive, thin plastic, magnetic, and more.

How to Purchase Personalized Adhesive Patches

With your order for a personalized adhesive patch, we would be delighted to assist you! To get started right away, get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists or utilize our practical free quote form.

What to anticipate when ordering your personalized press-on patches from MakeMyPatch is as follows:

  • FREE delivery (anywhere in the world)
  • No MOQ
  • Discounts and pricing that are competitive
  • Internal design staff
  • Incredibly rapid turnaround times
  • Exemplary client relations

Simply click the following link to start creating your personalized adhesive patches. We’re thrilled to see what you come up with!

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