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A personalized patch is a simple way to dress up your tree this year with a beautiful ornament! Let’s discover how.

Two months until Christmas! In light of this, it is now imperative that you order your personalized patches in time for the Christmas season. Custom patches might be the ideal solution, whether you require Christmas items or a special Christmas gift.

It’s far simpler than you may imagine to turn a personalized patch into a Christmas ornament for your tree, and you don’t even need to sew it yourself. Let’s find out more!

Christmas Ornament with your Personalized Patch - MakeMyPatch

How to Create a Christmas Ornament Out of Your Custom Patch

A “button loop” is one of the various add-on options that MakeMyPatch provides for our own patches. When choosing the button loop option, a thick loop is added to the top of the patch. This loop allows you to hang your patch virtually anywhere and fits wonderfully on any Christmas tree, real or artificial.

However, not all patch styles support the button loop add-on. Only embroidered, woven, and printed patches can have the button loop option added. Button loops cannot be attached to PVC, bullion, chenille, or leather patches.

Ideas for creating a Custom Patch Christmas Ornament

Although the design you select is entirely up to you, we have created hundreds of custom-patch Christmas ornaments over the years and have therefore seen just about all there is to know about custom patch ideas for the holiday season. Here are some ideas we’ve developed in the past for clients.

Holiday Photos

Personal images were used to create the patches. Several families have made this a yearly ritual! Every year, they place a new order 🙂

Keeping a Holiday Memory Alive

For instance, one of our customers directed a Wizard of Oz performance every year, so she designed a special patch ornament to present to the cast each year.

Character or Scene from a Christmas Film

Numerous clients have asked us to make unique ornaments based on their favorite holiday film or starring their favorite holiday figure, like the Grinch!

A Christmas Design

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, candy canes, reindeer, elves, snowmen, Christmas angels, and a great deal more have all been used by our clients in the styles of their Christmas ornaments. Any sign or idea associated with Christmas can be turned into a patch ornament!

Business Logo with a Christmas Theme

Several of our customers have requested Christmas patch ornaments with their brand on them to distribute to their clients or employees over the holiday season. To encourage their clients and employees to hang them on their trees, they always make the design festive.

Are You Ready to Make a Special Custom Patch Ornament?

We are prepared to facilitate your creation if you are ready. Place your order as soon as possible to receive them in time for the Christmas season 🙂

Simply fill in our free quote form and start co-creating! There is no excuse not to see what you can concoct, and we can’t wait to see your incredible creations. We’re here to get you your hands on the season’s personalized goods.

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