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The simplest and most widely used border is a hot-cut patch border. Despite being straightforward, this border style complements patches beautifully. The patch is removed using either scissors or a laser.

Merrow Edge vs Hot Cut Patch Border - MakeMyPatch


A hot-cut border can easily be removed by using a hot knife that seals the patch’s outer edge. As a result, the thread is kept from unraveling.

A Merrow border is a border that is sewed up and over the patch’s external edges. It is a heavier border that is typically found on shapes like circles, squares, and ovals. A hot cut border is a simpler, leveled, and thinner border, whereas merrow borders are implemented after the design is embroidered into the patches.


The aforementioned definitions are able to briefly point out the fundamental distinctions. Hot cut edge borders have a thin, flat edge that delicately lines the patch, unlike Merrow edged borders, which have a wider, broader edge that resembles piping around the patch.

Second, Merrow edge borders include more fundamental, symmetrical shapes like rectangles, circles, triangles, and squares. Since merrow edge borders typically do not have numerous points and jagged edges, it is simple to distinguish between them by looking for multiple points and/or jagged edges. The remaining border types, aside from the merrow edge border, can be applied to any shape, producing accurate results whether the shape is complex geometric or bespoke.

As already mentioned, hot cut borders are precisely laser-cut whereas merrow edged borders are machine-sewn on edge. But in this case, merrow edge triumphs because it can be designed more readily and has fewer opportunities to be designed in other ways than hot cut border, which provides a variety of design options. In this sense, hot cut borders are more suited to those with a strong sense of creativity and a desire for limitless design options. However, for the sake of uniformity and convenience, most clients are drawn to getting merrow or over lock border on their embroidered patches.


When it comes to quality and longevity, a merrowed edge border is superior to a hot cut border. Furthermore, hot cut edge borders may give the appearance of an unfinished or incomplete patch when viewed from the side, whereas merrow edge borders do not have this defect, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

Merrowed edges are able to provide a superior appearance when sections of both borders are compared from all angles, while hot cut edges leave smaller patches with a finer, more beautiful appearance.

Merrowed edge borders are preferable to cut edges, making them a better option for protecting against fraying and tearing.

In light of the cost analysis, hot cutting edge is not expensive. Because of its thickness and width, which are roughly 3mm as opposed to the thin (only 1mm) bordering of the hot cut border, the merrow edged border is more expensive than the hot cut borders. Hot cut borders can also be easily operated without specialized equipment.

Advantage of a Hot-Cut Patch Border

You can create intricate borders by using threads that match the color of the stitched patch (Cut Out Border).

The colors of the frames always match the entire design.

Hot-cut borders give a desirable look for smaller patches.

Suitable for complicated shapes.

Capable of providing even 1mm thin.

Economical and reasonably priced than merrow border.

Additionally, MakeMyPatch uses a specific heat treatment (border baking). The border won’t fluff up or unravel as a result of use.

Disadvantages of a Hot-Cut Patch Border

We can only see one.

The backdrop of a patch could be different colors than the border (for example, the border is white, and the background is red). A tiny red edge can be seen. It is impossible to remove the edge since doing so risks severing the border threads.

In this instance, a Merrowed border (overlocked border or merrowed edge) that has been overlocked looks better than a Hot Cut Border.

However, MakeMyPatch’s experts have come up with a somewhat workable solution to this issue. Finally, patches with Hot Cut borders now resemble patches with Merrowed borders in appearance.

In other words, Merrowed border can be imitated for patches with intricate shapes.

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