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Patches are fantastic not just for coats and backpacks. A bespoke patch can be applied to a hat as well! Here are a few of our top hat patch design suggestions for a cap patch!

While personalized patches look great on a variety of garments, including t-shirts, coats, and jeans… Hats can also have patches on them. Never considered that before? Let us now demonstrate why you ought to!

Cap Patch Hat Patch - MakeMyPatch

Why Do You Need a Custom Patch for Your Hat?

The solution is actually rather straightforward. A hat is a hat. Everyone owns these and occasionally wears them. So, how can you distinguish your hats from the competition? individual patches Your hat instantly becomes a totally distinct product thanks to the custom patches that give it a one-of-a-kind appearance. There are certainly other ways to make bespoke hats distinctive, but over the long haul, putting custom patches to a hat will be much less expensive than directly embroidering your hat. The ability to reuse patches is an additional advantage. As a result, you may simply unsew the patch and stitch it onto a new hat if your hat becomes too dirty to clean or too damaged to be repaired.

You have a lot of design versatility with patches as well. You can experiment with a wide range of patch materials and designs, including chenille, PVC, embroidered, woven, and more.

Cap Patch Ideas

Lacking an idea for your hat patch’s design? Well, that is why we are here. To get you started, consider these ideas for cap patches:

  • Your company’s, group’s, or club’s logo (hat patches are great for branding purposes).
  • Putting your favorite team’s logo in a new light.
  • Your preferred adage or phrase.
  • A reference from popular culture, such as a famous picture or phrase from a movie, book, song, or TV show.
  • A beloved image that you wish to make into a patch.

These are just a few of our favorite hat patch designs, but if you’re still having trouble, know that you’re not the only one! You can collaborate with one of our designers—we refer to them as “Creative Specialists“—and ask them to come up with an original design based on your suggestions. They’ll assist you with brainstorming and creating the ideal patch design for you!

In One Place…

The best news of all is revealed now that we’ve explained why the custom patch/custom hat combo is so awesome.

You may get both bespoke patches and custom hats from MakeMyPatch in one order!

To achieve this, start by placing a hat order using our Create Tool. You will then have the opportunity to add a custom patch. The ideal bespoke patch for your unique hat can then be made! Tell me about a product that is unique.

Like we previously mentioned, you can work for FREE with one of our designers to create both a custom hat order and a custom cap patch order if creating and designing by yourself isn’t your thing.

Design Options to Consider for Your Custom Hat Patch

Numerous personalized caps and thousands of unique patches have both been produced by us. So in terms of hat patch ideas, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

For hat patches, a size of 2 to 2.5 inches is advised. If you select the sew-on backing option, we will sew the patch on ourself if you wish us to attach it to the hat for you. If you want to add patches to your hat, we suggest building dad hats, trucker hats, or baseball caps (this is the best backing choice for hat patches). Thus, anything is acceptable! The only restriction on the unique caps and patches you can create is your imagination.

Start Designing Patches for Your Hats Today!

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