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Editor’s note: This short article continues to be a favorite of our readers. Fans of Sons of Anarchy continue to watch the show even a few years after it ended to find out what those patches actually signified. Don’t forget that you can get Sons of Anarchy-inspired clothing by creating your own custom motorcycle patches.

The TV program that has it all is and always has been Sons of Anarchy. Comedy, drama, action, and even tasty custom patches. Imagine how disappointed we were when we learned that the series was ending. All good things must come to an end, though, and as we bid Jax and Gemma farewell, there is one last thing we must accomplish before we part ways. The patches displayed on the episode had to be discussed!

This has been one of our most popular blog entries, and we went back and updated it in mid 2022 to give our core audience—bikers who demand speed and customization—a little more love.

A biker’s unique patches serve as their brand. They serve as a representation of who and where they are. Sons of Anarchy’s patches have a supporting yet significant role in the series. Essentially, they talked for themselves. You were aware of each character’s status and function before they ever spoke. Their identity was provided via patches. Each patch required respect since it stood for honor.

Sons of Anarchy Patches

What sort of Sons of Anarchy patches are available?

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning

Let’s now examine the significance of each patch each character wore:

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: First 9

First 9 Patch

Only the first 9 founding members of the Sons of Anarchy are eligible to receive this patch.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: President

President Patch

The Sons of Anarchy’s current president receives this patch.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Vice-President

Vice-President Patch

The Vice Present of The Sons of Anarchy receives this patch.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Sargeant at Arms

Sargeant at Arms Patch

The person who is in charge of punishing the members receives this patch. Everywhere the President visits, this person must be present. In a sense, he serves as the President’s bodyguard.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Secretary

Secretary Patch

The person in charge of the club’s finances and expenditures receives this patch.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Road Captain

Road Captain Patch

This patch is given to the person who organizes the riding routes the club should use. They watch out for everyone’s safety when driving.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Men of Mayhem

Men of Mayhen Patch

The significance of this patch is rather obscure. We think that those who have slain someone for the Sons of Anarchy are rewarded for it. Although we can’t say for sure, we have our suspicions. Anybody willing to verify?

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Redwood Original

Redwood Original Patch

The “mother club”‘s name. We still don’t fully understand what this means. Every member is required to wear this patch.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Charming CA

Charming (CA) Patch

This patch is worn by every Sons of Anarchy member. They are based in Charming, California. This patch needs to be worn by their belts on the right side.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Patch

The club name appears on this patch. It must be worn by all members.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Unholy Ones

Unholy Ones Patch

Members who have shown loyalty to one particular member are given this patch.

Sons of Anarchy Patches Meaning: Prospect

Prospect Patch

An individual who wishes to join the Sons of Anarchy is given this patch. They must pass a probationary term before becoming a member, and every other member must vote them in.

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