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Halloween is coming up soon! Start creating adorable stitched patches for your upcoming Halloween festivities.

It’s undeniable that the spooky season is quickly approaching. The air is growing cooler, the leaves are changing color, and Halloween-related goods has already begun to appear in retail outlets. October will arrive before we know it!

Do we really need to point out to you how lucrative Halloween is? The short version of the tale is that Halloween is a HUGE opportunity to produce and sell bespoke merchandise. If you’re new to MakeMyPatch blog, you might not be aware of this.

Custom Spooky Embroidered Patches for Halloween - MakeMyPatch

Custom patches are one of our top-selling merch items, and time is of the essence to get cute embroidered patches ordered in time for Halloween! Mid-August already, but Halloween-related items usually doesn’t go on sale until September at the earliest… Therefore, it’s time to consider Halloween. This is why.

Why Choose Embroidered Patches for Halloween Merch? 

To begin with, patches are incredibly versatile and adaptable. Patches can be sold alone or attached to other products like jeans, leather coats, or backpacks. Whether you offer patches separately or attached to another item, the markup potential is astounding. All it takes to create a patch that can be sold for more than 10 times its production cost is a bright design or an original idea.

Because they are so little and portable, patches are both cheap to ship and simple to keep. They are also quite fun to create! It’s simple to create adorable and terrifying Halloween designs that look fantastic as patches, like as ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, vampire bats, and skeletons.

Still uncertain? Put it this way, shall we. Embroidered Halloween patches are available on Etsy for prices as high as $15.99. 200 patches sold at $15.99 would generate almost $3,000 in profit.

Note: At MakeMyPatch, we offer four distinct types of patches, but embroidered patches are by far the most popular because they have the “traditional” patch appearance. This recognizable patch type, which has a fabric backing and textured stitching, supports graphics with up to nine colors and looks and feels high-quality. For law enforcement, fire departments, motorcycle clubs, Scout units, fashion companies, and military organizations, embroidered patches are advised.

The point is… Halloween is ALMOST HERE! It won’t do to miss out on the spooky season patch craze. Use the link below to get started with your batch of Halloween patches. We can’t wait to see what designs you come up with : ) 

Design Embroidered Patches for Halloween Today

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