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There are numerous styles, sizes, and forms for custom patches. Although embroidered patches are our area of expertise at MakeMyPatch, it’s crucial to comprehend the variations in patch styles. Embroidered and woven patches are two of the most popular patch designs. Compared to other examples, such as dyed and PVC patches, woven and embroidered patches both use thread to give a more conventional patch.

Embroidered and Woven Patches - MakeMyPatch

Differences Between Embroidered and Woven Patches

Today, we’ll examine the variations between woven and embroidered patches to help you make the best decision. The first and most obvious distinction between these two patches is that embroidered patches have a twill background with thread sewed onto them. Woven patches have no supporting material and are constructed completely of thread.

Although thread is used to construct both patches, the thread that is used varies. Because the thread used in embroidered patches is thicker, they have a special depth. Contrarily, woven patches look smoother due in part to their use of finer threads. Both fashions are strong and lively, filled with vibrant hues and special attention to detail. But when they are combined, they produce two distinct, one-of-a-kind looks.

Embroidered Patches

50%, 75%, or 100% of the patch is covered in embroidered. The proportion of the twill that is covered in threads is indicated by this value. A straightforward patch, such as name patches for uniforms, is typically 50% of a patch. Usually, larger patches with detailed and sophisticated design features cover% of the backing. The most intricate patches will use thread to completely round the twill.

Woven Patches

A few differences exist in woven patches. Weaved patches are made of threads that are woven together rather than a conventional substrate, and the final product is a patch. In comparison to embroidery patterns, woven patches are thinner and more flexible.

Embroidered and Woven Patch Options

There are a couple additional options available with stitched patches. You have the opportunity to select a different border style in addition to a different color for the twill backing. Your patch can stand out by adding a border, and you have two choices. A patch border with a raised edge all the way around is what is known as a “merrowed” border. This gives the patch a visual distinction from the clothing item to which it is attached.

The hot-cut border is the alternative border style and is ideal for patches with unique shapes. Its flat border gives the garment a seamless appearance by reducing apparent separation between the pieces. There are no border options for woven patches. Let’s now discuss the specifics.

The design’s level of detail may influence the style you select for woven and embroidered patches. The larger threads used in embroidered patches may not be able to highlight the details you want for finely detailed patches. A woven patch, in contrast, offers finer features and subtleties because to its thinner threads. If your artwork contains little elements like letters, numbers, or other symbols, a woven patch can be your best solution.

Regardless of the sort of patch you select, we can assist you in making the ideal patch for your particular requirements. We take satisfaction in turning your concepts into vivid, attention-grabbing patches at MakeMyPatch. With almost ten years of experience, we are your one-stop shop for any bespoke patch requirements, and we have seen it all. Everything from sports team patches to patches for organizations, military units, motorcycle clubs, and more have been seen by us.

No matter the style you select, our patches will be of the finest quality because they are created from the best materials available. We provide incomparable rates, unmatched customer service, and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every patch we sell. When you purchase personalized patches from us, you have the freedom to adorn clothing and accessories like shirts, jackets, backpacks, bags, and other items with your unique design. The best part about ordering is that it’s easy, thanks to our straightforward three-step ordering process.

Let us demonstrate how simple it is to get personalized embroidered and woven patches.

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