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The history of military patches is rich and fascinating. Since George Washington developed the Badge of Military Merit during the Revolutionary War, patches have been a part of the American military. The Purple Heart would eventually replace the iconic patch. But not many men received the Badge of Military Merit, so until the Civil War, patches were less common on American military uniforms. They have become an essential part of the American military uniform since their use in the Civil War.

However, military patches started to shift during World War II. For particular divisions, special patches were created that displayed additional information, such as rankings and credentials. Without actually speaking, these patches displayed personal information about a soldier. On a battlefield, commanders could identify the proper person for any task simply by looking at their patch’s specifics.

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The Meaning of Military Patches

Since then, the significance of military patches has evolved. The branch of service and military employment are also listed on patches, which are still worn to display a soldier’s rank, unit, and specific qualifications. An excellent illustration of a traditional military patch is an army patch. Many of the unit patches worn by the United States Army are just symbols. Some people may view them as a collection of symbols and emblems, while to other members of the unit, the patch serves as a means of identification.

Other kinds of patches are intended to signify participation in unique missions or occasions. These patches are rarely prolonged in usage and are only ever utilized for a brief period of time in a specific setting. The Army uniform also includes flag patches as a standard component. The American flag patch is a symbol of pride and patriotism. All military branches can be found with these patches, which are proudly displayed on uniform shoulders everywhere.

Morale Patches

The morale patch is a favorite among soldiers as well. Starting with the US Army’s 81st Division Wildcats, morale patches are more intended to display character and attitude. After recommending that patches be made to recognize particular divisions, the 81st Division came up with something original. The patch had a wildcat on it as a representation of the creek that passed through their base. The insignia was accepted and used to raise soldier morale and togetherness. Soon after, all divisions received instructions to design and wear a special patch specific to their group.

During the Vietnam War, troops would wear patches with sarcastic, crude, or critical comments, which gained popularity. It worked as a technique to strengthen relationships between soldiers and maintain the morale of those fighting in the war.

Uniform Patches Conveying Different Messages

Army patches can be used to track a soldier’s journey. A person who has served overseas will have dashes on their sleeves, and certain branches have braids around the cuffs for specific officer grades. Military patches, which are little patches on a soldier’s sleeve close to their shoulders, signify that the wearer has successfully finished Ranger school, Special Forces training, or is Airborne. Other patches, however, have recently been added to denote the soldier’s completion of Sapper training or membership in an Advisor unit. Army patches and military patches convey different messages.

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