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At MakeMyPatch, we have been making custom embroidered patches of all kinds for almost ten years. Creating stitched patches is simple and enjoyable. We’ve created tens of thousands of patches, which makes the procedure easy and straightforward. We’ve made unique patches for almost every need, including patches for the military, fire departments, fashion, corporations, brands, and organizations. Learn how to providing artwork correctly in this blog article.

In addition, we have addressed a wide range of inquiries about patches. How to submit artwork for bespoke patches is a query we get asked frequently. We’ve talked a lot about the features of embroidered patches and what makes them look their finest. But we rarely discuss the selection or provision of those elements. People frequently ask us what kind of format the artwork should be in and how to offer it in the best way. Let’s learn more about how to submit artwork for your custom patches in the correct manner.

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Vector Files Are the Best

Almost any concept you have in mind can be made into an attractive patch by our team. The artwork that you supply will be transformed into stunning proofs by our exceptionally brilliant team of graphic artists. We can make anything happen because our crew has developed patches based on notes made on a napkin. So, even without the proper “format,” we can still create unique patches based on your original idea. For any project, we prefer receiving vector artwork submissions from clients who wish to make something themselves. A vector illustration program like Adobe Illustrator is used to create vector art. Certain file extensions serve as identifiers for vector art, which is typically made in Adobe Illustrator.

The .ai, .pdf, .eps, and .svg file extensions are the most widely used for vector files. We like vector artwork because it offers a crystal-clear, uncluttered representation of how you want your design to appear. However, we do accept a variety of additional file format kinds, including .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .ppt, .psd, .doc, and .tiff.

Sending Your Artwork

Choosing your artwork and saving it in the appropriate format will make it simple for us to get it. You can deliver your composition to us in a number of ways. Our free quote form can be used without commitment. You will be asked to provide your design, the size of your purchase, your spending limit, and your contact details. Simply submit the form with your price request after filling it up, and our team will start working on turning your vector artwork into a free digital proof of your patch. In order to ensure that you receive the ideal patch, our artists will use your artwork to accurately capture all of the nuances.

Artwork Design

Get creative because you have complete control over how your patches will look. We can help, whether you want to make a brand-new patch or reproduce one that already exists. Your idea will be altered by us until it is just what you had in mind.

Patch Customization Options

You have a lot of choices as well. We have a variety of thread and twill colors that will make your patch stand out. With our variety of backing options, you can attach your personalized patches to any outfit or your favorite accessories. Patches can be manufactured in any size and shape you can think of.

More information on our embroidered patches here. Email us or chat with us. Fill out our free estimate form using the aforementioned link if you want to start organizing your embroidered patches right now.

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