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Making custom embroidered patches is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want a high-quality final product.

What Are the Requirements for Marking Amazing Embroidered Patches - MakeMyPatch

There are many places where you can purchase cool patches, including festivals, museums, shops, and many others, but nothing beats creating your own custom embroidered patch.

Making your own personalized and custom embroidered patches is a terrific idea, whether you’re a business trying to design distinctive patches, a club or organization member looking to provide your members a distinguishing emblem, or simply a person looking to accessorize! So…

What Will You Require to Create Embroidered Patches?

Although we have four distinct patch designs (chenille, embroidered, PVC and woven), embroidered patches are by far the most popular option. This well-known patch type, created with fabric backing and textured stitching, yields thick patches that feel and look high-quality and can accommodate graphics with more than nine colors!

To begin creating your own embroidered patches, you’ll need a few things. You MUST have a design or at the very least a concept in mind before you start. With many other patch-making businesses, you would be out of luck if you didn’t have a design. However, at MakeMyPatch, you may collaborate for FREE with one of our gifted Creative Specialists to bring your idea to life. No prior drawing or piece of art is required. To give the creative specialist something to work with, all you need to do is have an idea or notion in mind. We obviously also accept your own designs which our Creative Specialists will digitize for you so it’s converted into an embroidered design.

Furthermore, you MUST RESIST the impulse to DIY! Although creating your own patches is a fantastic process, it is recommended to leave the actual patch-making to the experts. Create the patch yourself, then have a reputable business like MakeMyPatch create it for you. The finest of both worlds is here! In order to find a fantastic patch company, research IS A MUST. Not all patch companies are created equal, but if you take the time to look online, we are confident that you will discover that MakeMyPatch provides quality, affordability, and customization that completely surpasses that of any competitor in the industry.

What is Required for MakeMyPatch to Produce Embroidered Patches?

Recall that not everything is about what YOU need. Additionally, the business you select ought to be suitable. To begin with, they MUST provide a wide range of unique possibilities to properly produce a bespoke embroidered patch.

They MUST produce their patches using a top-notch embroidery machine, such as the Tajima and Promaker (which we use). You might as well make the patches yourself if they aren’t using a high-quality machine.

The business MUST provide outstanding customer service and have a lot of embroidered patch knowledge. You should keep in mind that you can have a lot of questions concerning your custom embroidered patches, so you need a firm that can provide correct answers to all of them.

The business MUST have a tracking system in place so that you can stay informed at all times about the progress of your order. You must be kept informed about the schedule if you intend to sell your patches, whether online or offline.

MakeMyPatch MUST Collaborate With You

We’re convinced that once the process gets underway, you’ll see that we are the ideal business for your embroidered patch project. Nobody else can provide the same combination of market-leading knowledge, quick shipping, low minimum order quantities, affordable prices, great quality, and limitless customization.

To order your embroidered patches right now, get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists or utilize our simple price quote form.

Before you begin, read through our embroidered patch FAQs if you still have queries. There’s a good likelihood that if you have a query, someone else has already had it answered because we’ve created thousands of patches for thousands of creators.

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