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Loop-Hook System Uniforms Patches (also known as Velcro<sup>&reg;</sup>) for Officers and Security agents are a must to let people know you’re active in duty.

When being an officer or security agent is your job, your badge of honor is the embroidered patch that you wear on your uniform. Whether it’s on your chest, shoulder, hat, vest, jacket or elsewhere, we know that your uniform patches are what let others know you’re in an authoritative position. They also give you the power you need to perform your duties.

Hook and Loop Fasteners Patches - MakeMyPatch

Universal and Removable 

MakeMyPatch - 2-Pack Security Patch with Loop-Hook-System - Universal and Removable

Loop-Hook System patches are universal and removable for use with virtually any popular vest, harness, jacket, vest, shirt or t-shirt. Each loop-hook security patch for tactical vest features durable loop-hook fasteners for quick and easy replacement.


The security and officer vest patch are made of high quality twill material. This material has a lot of advantages: Strength and wear resistance, good air permeability, thermoregulation, hypoallergenic, practicality. Twill products are easy to wash, dry quickly, do not fade or wrinkle, do not absorb odors. So you don’t have to worry. Your security patches loop-hook for vest will serve you for a very long time.

Sustainable Attachment

MakeMyPatch - 2-Pack Security Patch with Loop-Hook-System - Quick and Easy Replacement

These loop-hook system uniforms patches have a hook base that attaches securely. Loop-hook fastening will prevent you from losing your patches. Quality letters embroidered with white or yellow threads that are visible from a distance. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with our security embroidered patch.


With Officer and Security Loop-Hook Patches, you can use them to attach to jacket, vest, cap, rucksack, rucksack and other places, and also suitable for uniform accessories to decorate the party costume.

Current Officer and Security Patches Available

Available for: Coroner, EMT, Fire, Parking Enforcement, Police, Security Agent, Security Guard, Sheriff, Supervisor, Traffic, Traffic Control and Towing. Shall you have a special request please get in touch with our Creative Specialists.

Give Yourself the Power You Need to Perform your Duties

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