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Patches are ideal for hats, pants, jackets, purses, and even uniforms. They give our outfits and accessories more individuality, and they can be made in just about any style and color. Your interests and activities are displayed through patches that also tell a tale. Discover the differences between embroidered patches and PVC patches so you can make your choice.

Embroidered patches and PVC patches are the two most prevalent types of patches. Both styles give distinctive style for any outfit and each has its own attraction. Depending on the purpose of your patch, each design offers advantages and disadvantages. Do you like something more modern or a classic look? Let’s talk about the variations between embroidered and PVC patches.

Embroidered Patches and PVC Patches - MakeMyPatch

Embroidered Patches: The Basics

Traditional embroidered patches are made by sewing thread onto a twill backing. They provide a timeless appearance and are the most popular patch design. Embroidered patches are popular among the military, police, colleges, sports teams, and other organizations. They provide a classic appearance that complements conventional patch forms and sizes. There are several color combinations possible thanks to the large range of thread and backing twill colors. The majority of reputable patch vendors offer 5 to 7 thread colors without charging extra. Metallic and neon thread colors offer an especially striking flash of color at an additional fee.

These patches cannot provide the level of detail that PVC patches can due to the nature of embroidery. How near the threads can be spaced has a physical limit. Although larger patches do provide more space for intricacy, they can never match the level of detail found in PVC patches.

Any method that the cloth they are being applied to will tolerate, including iron-on, can be used to affix embroidered patches. They can have a hot-cut (flat) or merrowed (raised stitching) border.

PVC Patches: The Basics

PVC patches are produced on flexible, rubber-like plastic that is soft and moldable into any shape. Additionally, PVC patches can be made in almost any color you desire and in either 2D or 3D forms. Compared to stitched patches, PVC patches are crisper and more defined, and they also have a more durable appeal.

PVC patches can be created with different extras to give them a particular look, just like other personalized patches. Any PVC patch will stand out thanks to possibilities like full-color printing, partial screen printing, and others. This style of patch allows you the maximum ability to add specifics and vibrant, strong colors. They are waterproof and won’t fade. PVC patches, like embroidered patches, come with a variety of backing options. But it’s crucial to remember that PVC patches cannot have an iron-on backing. Borders have to be hot-cut for this design.

The Choice Is Yours to Make

The decision of which patch type to utilize is influenced by a number of variables. As was already said, the method of attachment is a problem; the only option for iron-on patches is embroidery. The amount of information you desire in your photograph is a different consideration. PVC is the best material to use if your logo or other image is complex and highly detailed. In addition to being weatherproof, PVC patches won’t fade like embroidery threads can.

However, picking one to order frequently boils down to a matter of preference. You can choose the best patch type for your particular needs with the assistance of your custom patch provider.

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