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The most often query we receive from customers who request bespoke patches is, “What is the best approach to make our patches stand out?” You require something that stands out, something eye-catching and distinctive, whether you are designing uniform patches or purchasing patches for your company or brand. Fortunately, there are various ways to distinguish and make your patches stand out, for instance with metallic threads as an example.

Metallic threads are a fantastic addition to your design. There are a few design considerations when using metallic thread to make sure your patches stand out for the appropriate reasons. Check out these practical hints and techniques for incorporating metallic thread into your design if you want to make your patches sparkle. The first thing to keep in mind if you wish to utilize metallic thread is that this choice is only available for embroidered patches. If you want to really stand out, use embroidered patches over other patch styles because they can use shiny threads.

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Gold or Silver Metallic Threads

Gold and silver are the two metallic thread colors we provide. Since these hues stand out on their own, the best approach to use them in your patch is to surround them with hues that are deeper to create contrast. Make sure your metallic details aren’t washed out and blending into the background of your design, whether the contrast is added by a black mesh or the surrounding thread.

Metallic thread is frequently used to accentuate a motif. This makes sure that the metallic doesn’t have to carry the entire design by itself, directing the viewer’s attention to particular parts of the patch design instead. However, with a little planning, you may make metallic thread the main component of your design. Let the metallic thread make up the majority of your design if a small amount of decoration is too subdued for it. The same rules for establishing a contrast apply whether you decide to go heavy with metallic thread. Greater contrast is required since there is a larger area of metallic thread.

Most designs rely on a mesh with a background that is darker in shade. The option of a patch with 100% thread coverage is also available if you require white or lighter colored mesh. Utilize that coverage to increase the necessary contrast, which will make your design stand out. We offer a wide variety of color options if you decide to modify the mesh color of your patch. Keep in mind that you may add a background to your customized patch using metallic thread as well. You’ll need a patch with complete thread coverage and the metallic thread you want to be the background in order to accomplish this. These patches are made using a variety of colored threads to form the design. That implies that the design automatically incorporates contrast. It shouldn’t be interpreted to suggest that you can pick any colors you like, though. A patch with a backdrop made of gold thread will not look good with a design made of yellow thread.

The unit cost of your patches will also slightly increase when using metallic threads. However, it’s definitely worthwhile if you want to stand out from the crowd. Metallic threads are a great method to accentuate your design if you want it to stand out from the crowd, either as the focal point or as the backdrop.

We have been creating outstanding personalized patches at MakeMyPatch for about 10 years. We are aware of the effect patches, particularly those that are striking and distinctive, can have on companies and brands. We are aware of what it takes to design distinctive patches that draw attention. We can assist if you’re prepared to begin creating your own unique patches.

Contact us via email or chat for additional details. Utilize our free quote form with no commitment to receive an estimate. Let’s begin making unique patches that you can proudly wear!

Shine with Metallic Threads on your Custom Patches

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