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Collecting stuff is a hobby practiced by people all around the world. People collect a wide variety of things, including pins, shoes, hats, motorcycles, and, yes, unique patches. Many people now find patch collecting to be a fun activity, and organizations all around the world have joined the craze. Custom patches are highly prized mementos that people collect for a variety of reasons.

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Collecting Is a Popular Past Time

Military, law enforcement, fire, and emergency service personnel all wear personalized patches that are typically based on their station, position, rank, and other factors. Each station or department has many patch designs since various departments frequently create their own patches. This makes collecting patches a well-liked hobby among the ranks. Special patches are frequently created by law enforcement departments for charitable and fundraising events. Due to their rarity, design, and significance, these patches are particularly sought after by collectors.

Collecting Military Patches

There are lots of military patches. Veterans frequently look for them, using them to symbolize the wars and battles they have fought in, the fallen colleagues, and other things. Military patches are adorned with components and details that signify a period of history as well as a period in a person’s career. Collectors even exchange patches, growing their collections further while looking for the rarest and most distinctive patches available. Although military patches are among the most commonly collected patch types, they are not the only ones.

Collectibles, Accomplishments and Memorabilia

Not just military, law enforcement, and firefighter patches are being gathered. Boy Scout and Girl Scout patches are becoming sought-after collectibles. Scouts can obtain these badges based on their successes. Each age group has a unique patch that is awarded for outstanding accomplishments, and a gathering called the “Trade-O-Ree” has been developed to purchase, sell, and trade Boy and Girl Scout memorabilia. Some of the most sought-after things during the event are scout patches. However, you can also buy scout patches online and in many surplus shops across the nation. Because of what they stand for, military patches are very collectible.

But not only the military use customized patches in the federal government. Since the Gemini V flight in 1965, NASA has also produced official patches for each mission. These patches were formerly embroidered, but they are now made of “Beta cloth,” which is non-flammable. The patch has a distinct pattern screen printed onto the material. The support team and other workers are frequently given these personalized patches in addition to the customary embroidered patches. Both are highly popular among collectors who look for patches commemorating various astronauts, missions, and other subjects. Particularly worn by soldiers who participated in the mission, these patches are fantastic additions to the collection. These are only a few of illustrations of collectible patches.

Custom patches are our specialty at MakeMyPatch. We have been in the business for nearly ten years, and we specialize in making custom embroidered patches. With that knowledge, we have produced a variety of personalized patches, including employee and military patches. Custom patches are a terrific way to give your favorite clothes some individuality, but they can also be used to mark important occasions, identify group members, and more.

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