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Yes, almost any size you can think of can be produced as an embroidered patch, though we’ve found throughout the years that large patches are better when it comes to needlework. Although our stitching is neat and precise, when done on a wide scale, the details appear smoother and more vibrant. This is so because whether you order a little patch or a large patch, the thread thickness is the same. No matter the size, we at MakeMyPatch take pride in producing high-quality patches, but compared to smaller patches, bigger patches appear to have a number of distinct advantages. Now let’s discuss the specifics.

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Large Patches Advantages

More thread is needed for larger patches than for smaller ones. This implies that while there are more threads in a huge area, fewer of them will stick out and more will blend in seamlessly. As a result, their finished image looks more coherent. It’s comparable to how pieces of a 1,000-piece puzzle fit together more effectively than those of a 10 pieces puzzle. Another excellent example is a computer screen’s pixels or mosaics.

Because every patch we manufacture is made from biggest to smallest, thread thickness is not a factor. Additionally, we used twills and premium threads that were precisely cut to size. Let’s face it, things are easier to see the bigger they are. Even while it can seem obvious, it’s important to remember. If you want patches that promote a company logo or show off team pride, choose larger patches.

Certain places can accommodate little patches, and you can place more of them on the same area. They won’t stand out as much as bigger patches with elaborate patterns and vivid colors. Text on larger patches also tends to be easier to read. The aforementioned two arguments lend credence to this. Text, however, need more consideration. When it comes to words, numbers, and other material, even the smallest error can significantly alter or conceal your message.

Since larger patches have more room and a higher thread count, your design’s letters will be more precisely embroidered. If you want the writing to be clear and readable from a distance, picking a higher size is essential. At the end of the day, when making custom patches, size counts. Larger patches are better suited to designs with a lot of text or intricate pictures. The details in text and photos are cleaner when the patch is larger. Size counts, but ultimately, it’s your decision.

Custom embroidered patches are our area of expertise at MakeMyPatch. Send us an email, chat with one of our Creative Specialists or begin with our no-obligation free quote form to learn more about our goods or to place an order for your own customized patches. Custom patch design and ordering have never been simpler.

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