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Every sport has a uniform that includes patches. They are an essential component of every sport, including baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. The traditional gi, or outfit, used in martial arts, requires custom martial arts patches as well. Embroidered patches are a crucial component of any martial art, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, and Mixed Martial Arts.

In the martial arts, personalized patches have specific meanings. They represent your rank, past competitions, the martial art type you train in, or the training facility where you go. Patches are a fantastic method to engage more people and welcome new members. A personalized patch will raise students’ spirits. They are excellent rewards and can also promote teamwork. Patches let you proudly display your accomplishments and highlight them.

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Specific Purpose

In martial arts, patches serve a special purpose. The patches on the uniform serve a purpose beyond being purely aesthetic. Sensei, instructors, leaders, grandmasters, and other individuals can wear these rank patches. They also signify particular teams and skill levels. For exceptional accomplishments, such as obtaining a black belt, specific patches are given.

In addition to having particular meanings, the patch’s position is quite important. The left breast of the jacket, the back, and the sleeves of the gi generally have a specific patch. The school name and logo are displayed on the chest and back patches. The remarkable accomplishments of a student are listed on the gi’s sleeves. Special teams and groups are represented by the left shoulder, while ranks and other noteworthy achievements are shown by the right shoulder. Each martial arts patch has a purpose. When creating your own patches, take these considerations into account.

Sending a Message

A well made patch grabs attention and conveys a statement. Patches for martial arts are no different. These patches stand out because they are vivid, complex, and bold. Traditional designs like tigers, dragons, yin and yang symbols, flags, and more may be found on many martial art patches. Adding additional shapes like stars, stripes, and chevrons is also very popular.

Any martial arts gi’s focal point is typically the patch. Each patch must be flawless and accurately reflect the martial art form being studied. Martial arts patches are perfect for embroidered patches since they are vivid and long-lasting. They look fantastic on a crisp white gi and help bring details to life. Create something unique by using your imagination.

Customization of Martial Arts Patches

As with any custom patch, you have several possibilities when creating a martial arts patch. Think about the patch’s intended use before creating something special for your pupils and your institution. From the text and artwork to the color and shape of your patch’s thread, you have complete creative control over the design.

It’s better to stick with conventional shapes for martial arts patches, including circles, squares, and rectangles. With gis, these straightforward shapes suit the chest, sleeves, and back of the uniform nicely. Consider the colors you want to use and the components you want to incorporate. These particulars are crucial and can distinguish between an average patch and an exceptional one.

Another approach to make your patch stand out is to add a border. A Merrowed border gives a timeless element that will perfectly match your design.

A distinctive symbol for martial arts pupils are patches. No matter what the style or design are, patches demonstrate commitment, tenacity, and loyalty. They are a significant component of every martial arts style and a source of pride for pupils. Learn more about our sports and martial arts patches here.

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