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You may design unique custom back patches for your motorcycle club at MakeMyPatch that resemble those from the venerable television program!

Big, bulky back patches are the epitome of what it means to be a motorcycle rider. A back patch is the unmistakable emblem of the rider, whether you wear one on your fully-CE armored leather riding jacket or your cut-off denim vest. Custom back patches for jackets and vests are another essential component of nearly every motorcycle club’s attire.

It is not surprising that characters in the well-known TV series Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. depicted sporting unique back patches as part of their motorcycle gang costume.

At MakeMyPatch, you may design your very own unique official custom back patches for your motorcycle club.

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What are the Sons of Anarchy?

Kurt Sutter is the creator of the American action/crime drama television series Sons of Anarchy, which ran from 2008 to 2014. It centers on the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club that operates in Charming, a made-up community in the Central Valley of California. Jackson “Jax” Teller, who is originally the club’s vice president and later its president, is played by Charlie Hunnam in the television series. He starts to doubt himself, his relationships, and the club after coming across a manifesto penned by his deceased father, John, who had served as its leader. Themes of love, fraternity, loyalty, betrayal, and redemption recur frequently in the show.

What are the Mayans M.C.?

MC Mayans is a continuation of the well-liked television series Sons of Anarchy, which aired on FX for seven seasons. Mayans is a television series that centers on the members of the Mayans, an illegal motorcycle club. The four-season series, which is based in a border town in California and features actors JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, and Sarah Bolger among others, follows diverse Latino biker gang members. The Mongols, a real motorcycle club, are the inspiration for the Mayans. Back patches are worn by all Mayans. These back patches are an essential component of their club’s attire, just like they are for most motorcycle clubs.

Note: Each motorcycle back patch denotes a certain significance. This blog post will explain the significance of the motorcycle back patches from Sons of Anarchy.

Explaining Mayan MC Back Patches

On the top rocker, directly above an emblem that is modeled after Mayan tribal motifs and is colored green and khaki, the Mayans wear patches with their club name, “Mayans,” on them. Wearing the “M.C.” patch underneath the emblem (M.C. stands for Motorcycle Club). Southern Cali, the name of their native state, completes the personalized back patch.

On the front top right of their vest or jacket, each club member also wears a distinctive patch designating their position within the group. These positions include, among others, El Pacificador (the club’s disciplinary officer and presidential bodyguard), El Presidente (the club president), Vice Presidente (the club vice president), and El Secretario (the club secretary, in charge of the group’s finances).

The Mayans also have other patches on their clothing, including one that says Los Asesinos de Dios (“Assassins of God”) beneath the name of their club, a smaller Mayan patch on the left top side of the front of their jacket, and a Santo Padre patch underneath that, designating the fictional town where the club is based.

MakeMyPatch Custom Motorcycle Patch Maker

Custom motorcycle patches are earned, not purchased, as any true biker will tell you. But at MakeMyPatch, making your own replica patch is simple (maybe for a costume). You may simply create wicked bespoke back patches at MakeMyPatch if you are a member of a motorcycle club or want to form one.

Over the years, we’ve made countless numbers of personalized motorcycle patches, and our selection is unrivaled.

Here, you can design bespoke back patches for vests and jackets and benefit from cheap minimum orders, affordable pricing, a wide range of customization possibilities, ongoing specials, quick turnaround times, and the best quality available.

Popular Motorcycle Patches

As we already indicated, we have assisted customers in creating thousands of unique motorbike patches, so we have some knowledge of the ideal layouts. We can assist you with making patches for your own club or riding organization, replicating a Mayans M.C. or Sons of Anarchy back patch, or making motorbike patches for a club or costume. Here are a few of our most popular motorbike patch customizing possibilities.

Most Popular Patch Type for Motorcycle Patches


Most Popular Size for Back Patches

12 inches

Most Popular Size for Name Patches

4 inches

Most Popular Size for Top and Bottom Rockers 

11 inches

Most Popular Size for M.C. Patches

2.5 to 3 inches

Most Popular Embroidery Coverage for Back Patches 

100% coverage

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