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Everyone uses custom patches, including the military, law enforcement organizations, companies, and brands. They are excellent for branding and promotion, in addition to being fantastic for identification. MakeMyPatch are experts in creating personalized embroidered patches. The sew-on patches are one of the most popular design styles. What was once a kind of art prized by kings and queens has evolved into a common strategy for everyone to stand out. While we’ve talked extensively about how to apply sew-on patches, today we focus specifically on machine sew on patches.

Machine Sew On Custom Patches - MakeMyPatch

One of the quickest and safest methods for fastening a patch is this one. As you can only sew patches on regions that you can access with a machine, it can be more restrictive than other methods. In the steps that follow, we’ll show you how to machine sew your patches on.

Machine Sew On Procedure

Selecting a thread for each patch comes first. You can accomplish this in one of two ways: either by matching the patch’s border so that the stitches are hidden. Alternately, you can decide on a thread that sticks out and contrasts your design. Everything is up to personal preference.

Decide where the patch should be sewn onto your garment after choosing the thread to use. It will be significantly more challenging to sew the patch into place if it is placed close to the seam or in a difficult-to-reach location. When deciding where to go, bear it in mind.

Use safety pins to secure the patch in place once you’ve decided where it should go. By doing this, you can be confident that the patch won’t move during stitching. You can also put your patch precisely where you want it thanks to this. Make sure you can fit the clothing underneath the presser foot of the machine, which is where the needle is. Backpacks and other bags could be too thick to fit some goods. Additionally, be certain that the garment is only one layer thick because the last thing you want to do is stitch it together.

Then, choose a straight stitch on the sewing machine and thread it with the thread of your choosing, including the color. Lower the presser foot on the machine while lining up the needle with the patch’s inner border. On your patch, backstitch for two to three seconds to secure the thread before sewing along the inner border line.

When sewing, turn the patch and the garment if it has a circular shape. Again, make careful to adhere to your patch’s boundary. When sewing a patch with straight edges, such as a square or rectangle, make sure your needle goes through both the patch and the bag before sewing straight toward the first corner. By using the needle as an anchor, raise the presser foot and rotate the bag 90 degrees on the corner. Sew along the following straight edge with the presser foot in the down position. Do this again for each corner.

To ensure that it will hold, backstitch for a further 2–3 stitches when you get to the starting point of your stitching. Lift the presser foot after placing your needle in the highest position, and then take the bag out of the sewing machine. Remove your safety pins and trim the extra thread. At this point, congratulate yourself on a job well done.

You can always choose to have your clothing altered by a tailor if you don’t have access to a sewing machine or feel intimidated by the thought of sewing a patch into place. If you don’t have the time or desire to manually attach fixes, this approach is the simplest. Ask the tailor whether they will be hand stitching or machine sewing your patches after you have located one. The “style” of stitching can then be discussed with the tailor, though we’d advise leaving those specifics to the experts.

MakeMyPatch are experts in bespoke patches because it is what we do. For many different purposes, we have made a wide variety of custom embroidered patches. When it comes to military patches, morale patches, police and fire service patches, as well as patches worn just for fashion, we know what a properly-designed patch should resemble. Along with our unmatched customer service, we provide premium products at competitive pricing. We may help if you need specially stitched patches.

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