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You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what a merrow or merrowed edge is. Is merrow edge is also known as a merrow or merrowed border. Let’s go over this choice for a custom patch design.

MakeMyPatch offers a veritable horde of various styles, unique customization possibilities, and add-ons when you create custom patches with us. Custom patches are our top-selling custom merch item.

There are many different kinds of patches you may create, including embroidered, woven, PVC and chenille. There is an ENDLESS amount of customization available after you look at borders, backing, thread type, form, special choices, upgrades, and add-ons.

One drawback of having so many customizing possibilities is that, particularly when it comes to patch borders and edges, clients occasionally are unaware of just how much creative flexibility they actually have.

Merrow Edge (Merrowed Edge) - MakeMyPatch

So, What is a Merrowed Edge?

What is a merrow edge? is among the most often asked inquiries we receive regarding borders and edges. We provide merrowed borders—also known as merrowed edges—as a choice for the borders of our custom patches.

Merrowed edges can only be used on normal forms and are finished with an overlock stitch in the color of your choice. You cannot use a merrowed border if you desire, for instance, a patch in the shape of a heart or a star. Merrowed borders, however, are an excellent option if you’re making a typical circular patch because they give your patch a polished, “finished” appearance. Additionally, they’ll make your personalized patch even stiffer, eliminating any chance of fraying at the corners. Merrow edges are a very well-liked alternative for our consumers as a result.

How Can I Tell If My Patch Will Work With Merrowed Borders?

The majority of patches made up of regular forms, such squares with round edges, circles, and so on, will look great with a merrowed border. Don’t worry if you’re not sure if your design can incorporate a merrowed border. Your design’s suitability for a merrowed border can be determined by our team of creative specialists.

Our experts will inform you of additional options that will complement your design if a merrowed border is not a possibility. We’ve produced countless thousands of patches for countless numbers of customers, so we have some insight into which unique features and border designs go well with particular designs.

Are You Ready to Make a Custom Patch with a Merrowed Border?

We are ready and waiting to start working on your design! We’re excited to see your outrageous creations and unique patches. If you need assistance with your design or have questions about the compatibility of certain special options, get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists. If you’re ready to begin, you can also get a free quote for your patch using our easy-to-fill online form.

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