Motorbike Patches

All kinds of people are proudly wearing our patches here at MakeMyPatch, boy scouts, police, military, motorbike patches and more. Our patches are used to make a statement to others who see them, boldly displaying their membership to a special club or group of people.

When you belong to such a group, or you have achieved a certain milestone, one of our high-quality patches is a great way to let people know how much that means to you. Of course, you want that patch to be well designed, to stand out in quality and to have a lot of effort and thought put into the design.

Developing Unique Motorbike Patches Design

The key to that design is working with one of our experienced graphic artists to develop it into something special and unique. That is why when you choose a custom patch maker you need to look for one like ours with experience, professional staff, and high precision, cutting edge equipment. With modern techniques designs can be easily digitized from a new sketched design or an existing logo. Once done the best patch makers will send you the final patch to see how it looks and give your approval.

Who uses our outstanding patches?

Patches originally come from the military where they were used to help identify different units, to mark rank and to boost morale with special recognition patches. Organizations like the fire department and police adopted patches of their own for similar reasons. Today, most bikers wear motorcycle vest patches as a way to mark which club they belong to.

Other places you can see how work include professional organizations, corporations, bands on tour, and the scouts. The latter includes the Boy Scouts of America, the Cub Scouts and the Girl Scouts, and as well as the organization patch they use patches to show skills earned, projects completed and rank received.

A long history with biker clubs

Bikers are proud of their memberships and understandably want those patches to be the best quality to represent their loyalty. That is why a lot of bikers get their motorbike patches from MakeMyPatch. The history of motorcycle clubs wearing patches goes back a long way. Some wear a large patch some want something smaller.

Some add personal patches to their jackets along with their club patch. You can come to use with a design to memorialize a fallen biker friend, to send a funny message to those that read it, to make a statement of what you believe in and more.


If you are looking for the best motorcycle vest patches MakeMyPatch is the patch designer, maker and supplier to come to. We have years of experience and stand by every one of our highly accurate and detailed custom made patch.

If you are not entirely sure of what design ideas you can think of then just head our design ideas page. Check out some of the coolest custom patch designs we are capable of.

Motorbike Patches