Custom Patches

Patches are made use of by many organizations, associations, groups and awards. Pilots have wing patches, sporting teams have patches showing their team, the police have patches showing district and rank, bikers have them to show which club they are a member of. A patch can be attached in different ways.

Some are sewn on, some use Velcro and some use heat sealing with a hot iron. To find and display top quality custom patches like the ones from MakeMyPatch, you need to have high expectations on every detail, from the embroidery used, the materials, the equipment, the skill level and so on.

Custom Patches

Why Custom Patches from MakeMyPatch

Where once patches were military and for the royals and the rich, now they have a variety of purposes. To show membership, to show rank, to show achievement, to make a fashion statement, a reward, and more. In a patch company you should look for experience in all kinds of patches, they should be priced competitively and everything should be highly detailed and high quality. So how do we stand out against other patch making companies?

  1. We offer prices that are highly competitive for custom made biker patches and all our patch work. Get in touch with us and we are happy to talk to you about what you need and what prices we offer.
  2. Outstanding customer service. Where other places might take a lot of time getting back to you with any answers, we have an exceptional staff and work hard to keep our clients up to date at all times. Your satisfaction is key.
  3. Top of the line equipment is important to having patches that look amazing. We use state of the art equipment.
  4. Quality in everything from design work to stitching. Why use a company that produces less than stellar patches when you can use MakeMyPatch to create something people will admire and remember? Our colors are the best, our materials are the best and our patch makers are the best! From us expect fade resistant, flexible and highly detailed custom patches.
  5. Experience makes a lot of difference between one patch company and another. We have years of experience in helping design and create various types of patches. We will not be making rookie errors, all of our team is professional at every level.


MakeMyPatch is the right company to choose for any custom made biker patches or other patch work. Let us offer our expertise in creating the patch you are dreaming of. The best in quality, price, material, skill and detail! We make hundreds of patches for all sorts of clients look forward to doing the same for you!

Motorbike Patches